Danger: Million Dollar Point



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2) This post is in reference to the "million dollar point" technique which is in the 1984 book "Taoist Secrets of Love", which Michael co-authored with Mantak Chia.  The technique is now known to be dangerous, is no longer taught nor recommended, and a student respectfully asked Michael to describe the dangers of the method.  Thank you, MatthewQi!  The below post is Michael's response.


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Title: Re: Hidden danger of using the million dollar point (question for Michael)

Posted by Michael Winn on February 2, 2006.


Among the many refinements I have made over the years to the original book, I feel one of the most important is understanding the danger of using the million dollar point.

In all my audio courses, I strongly suggest NEVER using pressure on the perineum point, not even in beginning training, nor at any point in the male training.  Reason is simple: you are using external force to stop ejaculating.  But that applied force traps the aroused jing chi in the perineum area, it doesn't re-circulate it - which is the single most important goal of Taoist sexual practice.


To avoid physical and energetic complications from this trapping of sexual energy, you have to quickly circulate internally the sexual energy trapped in the area of the million dollar point and physically massage the area to relieve the congestion.  If you don't do this, there are possible negative health side effects and definite energetic side effects - you are creating a STOPPAGE rather than a RE-CIRCULATION.

IF you have the ability to circulate the sexual energy AFTER using the million dollar point (using the orbit, or other pathways I discuss at length in the workshop), then you don't need to use the million dollar point.  You should be using that ability, with some combination of internal energetic and pulsing muscular signals, to re-circulate the rising impulse to ejaculate BEFORE you might have needed to ejaculate.  This is not only safer, but more effective in achieving the goal of the practice.

If your ability to re-circulate the sexual energy is not good enough to re-direct the ejaculatory impulse to the rest of the physical and energy body, then that is the real level of your practice and you need the feedback to see that, so you can work on improving your skill.

Creating a forced blockage at the perineum / Million Dollar point doesn't improve your skill - it is an admission of its failure.  Worse, it makes it harder to re-circulate the sexual energy, as it is now in a stagnant state of congestion, has lost its rising direction, when it was much easier to simply re-direct the impulse.

You never want to create the energetic pattern of STOPPING EJACULATION.  That creates a STOPPING pattern that will eventually overflows and constricts to your ability to have and share whole body orgasm.  You need to focus solely on RE-CIRCULATING and SHARING pattern (with other parts of yourself or a lover).  That is the pattern that needs empowering.

You are better off recycling part of your sexual energy and then ejaculating the partly charged seed than you are creating congestion with seed that is often fully charged/none of it re-circulated.

Many practitioners become falsely obsessive with stopping ejaculation at any cost, which is a misunderstanding of the practice.  Worse, it leads to sex-charged guilt when some seed is released.  Which in turn taints the feeling of sexual love, etc. etc.

Of course, this raises many other questions, but I cannot teach the whole course on line.

But I think you get the point - I have not been sitting idly doing the same thing I learned 25 years ago.  That is why I have put my effort into audio courses, they are easily upgraded.  It is very hard and expensive to update books.



The two primary books that promote the use of external pressure on the "million dollar point" are:

1. Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy and

2. The Multi-Orgasmic Man

... both of which are problematic over-all.






     The above essay was written to warn against pressing on Ren-1 HuiYin as an attempt to instantly stop / re-direct the full force of orgasm.  Dangerous.  Don't do that.


        However, Ren-1 HuiYin is a very important acupoint in cultivation.  I suggest you read up on Ren-1 HuiYin in an acupuncture reference book; it's a profound acupoint, is generally considered one of the most important in Taoist internal cultivation and is primarily (some would say, exclusively) used in unaroused practices.


        In short, you don't lock huiyin, you *unlock* it.  It's not about putting a crimp in a hose.  It is about activating an acupoint, which turns that place in your body into a profound place of flow and transformation.  It's the alchemy of acupoints and channels.